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Affective & Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory

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Our laboratory examines the relationship between core-brain behavior dimensions and psychiatric symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. Two dimensions that we are particularly focused on pertain to how the brain processes threatening and rewarding events in the environment. We propose that depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety may be characterized by distinct profiles of reward processing and reward related brain function and that these profiles may reflect bio-signatures of differential risk. We employ neurophysiology (electroencephalography, event-related potentials) and both structural and functional neuroimaging to test these hypotheses.

Lab News!

Congratulations to James Glazer for receiving an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

Read our new paper on the effect of positive mood on reward-related brain function here.

Congratulations to Shannon Grogans and Maddie O'Brien on receiving an NIH Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA)!

Congratulations to Ajay Nadig for being admitted to the Watson School of Biological Sciences' Undergraduate Research Program (URP) at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory!

Congratulations to Ginny Hoch on being admitted to Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern!

Congratulations to Christina Young on winning the T32 Grant in the Neuroscience of Human Cognition!

Congratulations to Kate Damme for winning the Society of Biological Psychiatry's 2016 PreDoctoral Scholar Award!

Welcome back Christina! She is returning from her NSF GROW grant to study at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behavior at Radboud University in Denmark!

Congratulations to Kate Damme for her T2 Fellowship in the Neurobiology of Information Storage Training Program!

Read our new paper on neuro-inflammation and physical and emotional health here

Read our new paper on threat/reward-sensitivity and hypomanic-personality here

Read our new paper on the development and course of bipolar spectrum disorders here

Congratulations to Non for successfully defending his dissertation!

Congratulations to the following lab members for winning Northwestern Undergraduate Research Grants: Andriana, Maddie, Shannon, Libby, Jacob, and Ushasi. Congratulations everyone!

Congratulations to Michael Weston for winning the Bioscientist Undergraduate Research Grant!

James Glazer is joining our lab as a new graduate student! Congratulations James!

Katherine Ardeleanu won a National Institute of Health - Intramural Research Training Award in the Section on Bipolar Spectrum Disorders with Dr. Ellen Liebenluft! Congratulations Katherine!

Katherine Seldin is completing a research fellowship with Dr. Stephen Heckers in the Vanderbilt Early Psychosis Program. Congratulations Katherine!

Ajay Nadig won the ThinkSwiss Scholarship with Dr. Carmen Sandi in the Laboratory of Behavioral Genetics at the EPFL. Congratulations Ajay!

Read our new paper on neural circuitry involved in anxiety and perceived control here

Read our new paper on motivation and memory here

Congratulations to Christina Young who received an NSF GROW grant to study for one year at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behavior at Radboud University in Denmark.


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